Friday, September 2, 2016

Spiritual Exploration Library And School Of Ascension Retreat


(Spiritual Exploration Library And School Of Ascension Retreat)

It is our goal to create a library and retreat for the open study of all spiritual teachings, without regards to any particular religion.  The library and retreat will try to collect copies of every spiritual text that promotes love and understanding (without regards to origin) and make them available to anyone that would like to study them.

It is our goal to create a self-sustaining facility with a library building, conference rooms, meeting hall, kitchen, gardens, greenhouse, gym, wind and solar power, well water, rain-water collection, guest houses & cabins, livestock, artisan workshops, as well as many other self-sustaining facilities.  The objective is to make the library and retreat as free from cost of operation as possible.

 Statements of Organizational Values:

We believe the source of all loving religions to be from the Ascended Host who serve God in their dedication to bringing spiritual teachings to the children of God.

We believe the purpose of all loving religions is to help us, the children of God trapped in human form, reconnect to our true source…the Father/Mother God.

We believe that no human being and no human organization has rightful claim of ownership to any spiritual teachings that have been given by God, His Archangels, or the Ascended Host.  (Even the Ascended Host does not claim ownership because in reality all truth comes from God and all truth belongs to God.  No one has a monopoly on God’s truth.)

We believe that any and all spiritual teachings should be considered as a world heritage and the rightful property of all of God’s children.

We believe access to spiritual teaching should be given to everyone regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, age, national origin, or the ability to pay. (Or any other way the human race can find to subdivide and discriminate against itself.)

We believe that all spiritual teachings are already the property of God’s children and therefore shall remain free of profit and restrictions.  (This organization shall sustain itself financially through grants/donations; kitchen proceeds; retreats; hosting weddings and other events, the sales of used books and other donated media; and homegrown farmer’s market produce.)

Mission Statement:

·         This organization shall commit itself to the purpose of creating a modern-day equivalent of the ancient Library of Alexandria with regards to Spiritual Teachings, philosophy, language, arts, science, math, nature, medicine, culture and world history.

·         This organization shall seek to gather all spiritual and religious teachings that have been available in the past, that are currently available, and that shall be available in the future.

·         All spiritual teachings shall be gathered, preserved, and shared without alteration from its original form with the exception of translations from one language to another.  (All translations will be done with the utmost attention to detail using all research necessary to preserve the original content and meaning.)

·         This organization will preserve these teachings by creating a physical library from which people can access, share, and study the spiritual teachings and other research material.

·         This organization shall seek to create public pressure for the opening of all archives that contain spiritual teachings for the purpose of gathering, preserving, and sharing same.

·         This organization and all of its associates will observe and obey the Laws of God and Man in the acquisition, preservation, and sharing of the spiritual teachings and any other information connected with the library.

·         This organization is, and shall remain, a completely independent organization free from prejudice, restriction, or association with any organized religion.

·         This organization does not, and will not, seek to create a new religion.  (The goal is to unite the existing religions, not create a new one to further subdivide the children of God.)

Association Member Voluntary Directives:

Association members should first apply their chosen religion(s) for the purpose of reconnecting to their source…the Father/Mother God.  We should learn to raise our consciousness to experience our own spiritual reality…to reconnect with our higher selves and receive intuitive insights from the source of all wisdom…the omnipresent almighty Father/Mother God.  (To remove the board from our own eye, so we can help our brother with the splinter in his.)

Association members should see (without bias) all outer religions, doctrines, and methods simply as tools for achieving higher consciousness.

Association members should, when approaching others, focus on the individual spiritual being instead of the outer organization(s) or doctrines with which they associate themselves.  We shall always keep in mind that the real goal of any religious practice is to help the individual reconnect to his or her source through direct inner experience and intuitive insight. (Luke, 17:21 …for the Kingdom of God is within you.)

Association members will not seek to direct people into a “mold.”  We shall not expect people to approach spiritual reality through a particular outer framework.  We shall recognize that many paths and all spiritual truth lead to God.  We shall seek to help people discover, learn, and follow the path that is best suited to their needs.

Association members should not work to promote one religion to replace all other religions.  We will respect the reality that many religions can serve as a foundation for a person’s path to union with the source…our Father/Mother God.  We will recognize that each loving religion holds a piece of the puzzle, and open sharing and study is the best way to unify the children of God.

Association members should recognize that behind the many outer paths is an inner path, a universal path, a transcendental path, and it is our foremost goal to help everyone discover this path.

Association members should recognize that the true goal of the inner path is to rediscover who we are. Then, when we have built this solid foundation, we should follow the loving inner command to multiply our talents and be more than we currently are.

Goals in Stages:

Phase 1 Goals:
·        Create a self-sustaining facility with Wind/Solar power, Rain-water collection, and other natural means of living with the earth, so that the Library’s only overhead is maintenance and property taxes.
·        Create and provide meeting and meditation rooms for the sharing, contemplation, and open study of spiritual materials.
·        Create public awareness of the library. (e.g. website, newsletters, advertising, etc.)

Phase 2 Goals:
·        Create a Broadcast Radio Station.
·        Enlist the voluntary help of instructors in Yoga, Tai-chi, and other meditation practices to help the children of God learn to raise their consciousness.
·        Create audio books of the Spiritual Teachings that are legally in the public domain.

Phase 3 Goals:
·        Create additional libraries in key locations around the world.